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So, I have recently just wrapped up an awesome weekend at the Saville Sports Center in Edmonton, Alberta.  To say it was an unbelievable experience would be an understatement!  Since we were the youngest team by two or three years, it was slightly intimidating going up against people like Rachel Homan and Scott Howard!  But it was crazy to just be able to see and meet everyone.  We were not singled out because we were young, we were accepted as if we were the same age, and had the same accomplishments as everyone there!

I learned a lot this weekend!  There were so many great presenters and coaches and just people in general that had so much knowledge to share that it was overwhelming the amount of information that we got in a short span of only two days.  It was really cool to just go there and experience everything.  Being able to talk to people like Jeff Stoughton and Cathy Overton like they were people you have known for years was almost unreal.  Jeff was with my group when we did out physical fitness tests and he got right into it and did almost everything we were doing (mind you, I will add that he did NOT compete in the beep test, so he had an unfair advantage over us since we were already tired!).

I guess in a way we are turning and becoming a part of the ‘elite’ curlers.  This camp was very much elite, and it was like nothing I have been to before.  It is cool to see us grow together as a team.  We have preached this many times that the Canadian Curling Association could not have picked a better matched 4 people who are so much alike.  Corryn and Thomas are almost carbon copies of each other, and it’s the same with Derek and I.  So, we are developing at the same rate, in a way.  Yes, Thomas has been to nationals 5 times, and Corryn and Derek were both medalists at the Canada Winter Games, it seems that this is all coming to us at the same rate, and we are developing this ‘elite’ curling appearance or personality together, and it is really truly an amazing experience!

To say I am going to miss this team when all is said and done is such an understatement.  I know that I am not going to see them again until August, and I already miss them like crazy!  It sucks that we don’t live closer, but I am sure we will cross paths again after the olympics, either at nationals or the Scotties/Brier, maybe even in some Slam events when we get older.  It is crazy to think of the opportunities that are coming and that are going to continue to come through the Youth Olympics!

I will leave you with this — all these aches and pains and fatigue and exhaustion are so worth it.  You always have to push yourself further to achieve greater things.  The only way you can have disappointment is if you don’t give 110%.  If you give it your all, then there is nothing to be disappointed about.



Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who attended and congratulated and wish me luck on my travels at the Maple Leaf Curling Club’s Annual Meeting held last night in O’Leary.  It was kind of cool walking in and everyone was already applauding for my accomplishments!  I will do my best to make my hometown proud!


Hello everyone!

So about five hours ago I arrived in good old Alberta!  I have never been this far west before, so it is kind of cool to be here.  Also, everything is so flat!  Even PEI is hillier then this! haha.

I had quite the long day of flights.  Flying out of Charlottetown was alright, a little bit of turbulance, but nothing major.  My flight leaving Halifax was delayed 20 minutes due to fog, and then we had to stop in Toronto.  There, someone had checked their luggage but did not board the flight, so we had to wait another half an hour while they searched through all the bins of baggage to try to find theirs, because if they are not on the flight then their luggage cannot be on the flight due to security reasons.  So all in all we were delayed about an hour.  Also the fact that I was in an exit seat didn’t help too much either.  No recline equals no sleep.

Right now it’s about 11:30 at home, so I am getting kind of tired.  Hopefully hit some biology before I go to sleep.  I have a big day here tomorrow.  Our shuttle bus leaves at 7am, and we have video analysis, sweeping analysis and physical fitness tests in the morning.  I think by Sunday I am going to be pretty wore out!

All the crew is here, except for Derek.  He was competing in his badmitten provincials today and couldn’t get a flight out until tomorrow, so he will be joining us sometime in the morning.  I would like to wish him all of luck in his provincials, however I fear they might already be over!

Well folks, I think I am going to go try to get some work done before I pass out!  Edmonton is a wonderful place and so far has treated me well!

I am really looking forward to meeting everyone this weekend, and I hope to take a lot out of it!


Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Easter!


I was recently interviewed by my local paper, also by one of my friends (and curlers!) dad, which was kind of cool.  Eric has been curling ever since I can remember, so he knew the ins and the outs of what I was saying!!

So here’s the link! Enjoy



Well, after a very long season I finally have a weekend off!!  My provincial team is finally done curling, ending off at the 2011 Sylvan Learning Atlantic Championships!  We finished with an unfortunate placing of 4th, losing our last round robin game (to get us into the finals) by a mere inch, putting the game into extra end.  However we had fun, and met a few new people!  It seems like every curler in Atlantic Canada knows each other!!

I am looking forward to the long 5-day weekend off.  There is going to be some well deserved sleeping in over the 5 days!! Next weekend I am on the road again, heading out to Edmunton to train with my national team.  We are participating at a camp at the Saville Sports Center (which just happens to be where the Kevin Martin Rink train out off!!) over the weekend.  Once that is over I will finally be able to pack up the curling gear and put it away.  I will be pulling it out again in August, but hopefully my competitve season will be done a bit earlier next year.  My provincial team is only eligable for one provincials this year, so if we win this we go to Ontario for the Junior Nationals in Ferbruary, I believe, and that will be it!  That sounds a lot better then curling until the end of April!

Today the West Prince Graphic put out an article about me, so here it is!


I hope everyone has a Happy Easter!



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