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Hello Everyone!

As most of you know, I just finished a trip to Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii.  Wow, what a trip!  I still can’t believe that I was at all these places!

We first flew to LA and since we had an 11 hour layover, EF provided us with a tour of Hollywood, so we went to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice and probably a few more places that I just can’t remember haha.  Then we had a red-eye 13 hour flight to Auckland, NZ.  There was our group and a group from Virginia that arrived on that flight, but we were still waiting for Texas and our tour guide to come in on a flight from Fiji, so we went to the mall for about an hour and a half.  Once the other group and our tour guide arrived, we headed for Rotorua, which is about a three hour drive from Auckland.  Along the way we did some ice breakers and slept a lot haha!  We went to Rotorua because it is very famous for its geographical/thermal activity.  It is full of natural hot springs and mud baths.  It was very beautiful, however smelled like sulfur!  The night we arrived we had a traditional Mauri dinner, and watched a Mauri dance.  We did various activities the next day.  The last morning we were in Rotorua, I went running in the morning.  It. Was. Freezing.  I got quite warm and took my sweater off, so my arms were starting to turn purple.  I had purchased a hat and mitts prior to the run!  When I got back to my hotel our tour guide, Vic, told us to stay out and watch the sunrise over the lake and the mountains.  It was beautiful!  I got some pictures of me doing yoga infront of the sunrise which turned out awesome!  We then went inside ate breakfast and headed out for Auckland.  Along the way we stopped at a little amusement part type thingy, and also something called OGO.  What OGO is is a giant bubble-ball type thing that you get in and they basically roll you down a hill.  There was two that we could go down, one that we were strapped in, and one with water.  I decided to do the water one twice, and oh my gosh I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard!! After that was done we headed to Auckland.  Once we got there we went to the top of a mountain (Mt Eden, I believe) and saw a view of the city.  After that, we went to the hotel and had the rest of the night to ourselves.  The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed to the airport.  We arrived in Sydney, Australia at around 9am.  We walked around a bit, went through High Park and headed to the Sydney Tower.  After that we went on a harbour tour, and then ended things off at the Wildlife Park that was next to the Sydney Aquarium.  That night we were blessed to walk half hour in the absolute downpour rain, which would continue throughout the four days we were there.  The next day we did about half a day of activities and then the next half we had to ourselves, so my group went to the Aquarium.  The next day we had free so we went surfing in the morning at Manly Beach and then basically stayed in the room and watched rugby for the rest of the night!  We were absolutely exhausted and it was still raining out, so we decided to take a chill night.  The next morning before we left we went to the famous Paddy’s Markets and got some suveniers.  We then left around 6 on a flight to Hawaii.  When we got to Hawaii we immediately changed from the pants and sweaters we had to wear in Sydney to shorts and a tank top.  We went for a tour around the city and then had the rest of the time to ourselves.  So, we did what anyone would do in Waikiki, went to the beach!  The next morning we got up and went snorkling and then went to the beach.  That afternoon four of us went Boogie Boarding and then that night we went to a luau.  The last day, Jacky and myself went on a little shopping spree and then laid out by the pool for the rest of the afternoon.  We left our hotel around 6, with our flights headed for home.  When we arrived in LA our flight ended up getting delayed so it was quite the experience trying to get home.  Running through airports should be a national sport!! But the main thing is we got home, this morning around 9am, and made it safely!

I can honestly say that I will definitely be going back to Australia!  I loved it so much, and would love to learn more about it.  I am actually considering doing a semester or two of school in Sydney.  It would be great to be able to go surfing whenever I wanted to, and just being in a place I love!

I am very tired now, I haven’t slept a whole lot in the last three days so I will probably pass out for 17 hours or so!




Hello Everyone!!

As most of you know, I am heading out to New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii on Thursday, and NO this is not a curling trip haha.  I was signed up for a school trip to go to Egypt in March that got moved because of all the riots that were taking place in January and February.  So, instead of going back to the middle east, we decided we wanted to go Australia.  I wish I was able to keep my blog when I am there, but I don’t think I will have a lot of access to the internet while I am in Australia and New Zealand.  But don’t you worry, there will definitely be a post when I get back!!

I also just sent my second official blog post in for review, and I believe it goes live on July 19th, so everyone check it out!!  I got some really good feedback on my first one, and I hope my second is up to standards!!

I hope everyone’s summers are going well, and that everyone’s catching some awesome rays!!


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So, my first professional blog had been officially posted!! If anyone wants to see where it is you can visit : http://www.curling.ca : and it is entitled Youth Olympic Dreams: The Journey Begins!
Or, you can just check out this link!



Thanks for everyones support!!


Champions start small

Hello everyone!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted anything but I haven’t really been up to much!! I finished exams about two weeks ago and started working full time.  Between work, training, and the odd trip to the beach, I haven’t been doing a whole lot!

Except, of course, writing blogs and articles!  My first article came out today in the Canada Games Summer Newsletter.  It was awesome to see, and it sounds awesome!! I am really looking forward to seeing my professional blog out soon, and I will post the link as soon as I get it!!

But for now, here is the link to my newsletter article



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Hello everyone,

Well, the weather is just unfortunately not cooperating, but summer is just around the corner!  I cannot believe that I have four days of grade eleven left!  This time next year I will be talking to my new university roommate, picking out courses and studying for my last two high school exams…ever.  Wow.

Today I was contacted by Glenn van Gulik to discuss my official blog, so hopefully that will be up and running very shortly!!  I also was interviewed for a job today for the summer, so hopefully all goes well, fingers crossed!!

I have started my dry land training as well, and it was kind of tough at first.  I had had about a month off of curling, and the odd yoga class every other week wasn’t really holding up my stamina too much.  But now it is getting easier!  I am starting to schedule everything, and once I know what my summer job schedule looks like I can start planning my workouts a lot better! Which will be nice.

Another thing new is that I have started fundraising for Relay for Life.  My first night out and I already have $65!  Tomorrow I plan on going out again, and possibly Wednesday night as well.  Not only is it to support a good cause, I am also getting great excersize walking around to everyones homes.  It has been awhile since I fundraised for something, so it is nice to go out and see people around the neighbourhood.  I am also getting some more congrats on the Olympics, so that is really exciting!  You really start to forget sometimes that Hey, YOUR on team CANADA and your going to AUSTRIA in about eight months.  It’s nice to hear congrats about it every once and a while.

On the topic of traveling, only a few short weeks until I board another plane destined for Auckland, New Zealand.  I will be spending three days in Auckland, for days in Sydney, Australia, and three days in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I am getting so excited for everything!! We got our flight itineraries today, which just makes everything seem so much closer (which I guess it really is!).

I suppose I will leave you with that for tonight.  I have a bit of homework to do so I best get started on that!


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Hello everyone!

I know, I know, it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but I am not really doing anything exciting right now.  Yoga and school are basically what is taking up my ‘free time’ right now. I will be getting all dolled up for one of my friend’s prom next Friday, and, of course, procrastinating working on a term paper due next week.  The usual teenager stuff right? Well how many ‘usual teenagers’ can say they can Google themselves, and they are one of the top searches?

For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, I want you to check something out!  Go to google.ca and search Emily Gray.  Now, just let it give you the top search results, and Emily Gray curling will pop up.  Cool, right?  No, probably not, but hey, I think it’s kind of cool!

Also, something cool, I am in my yearbook!  And yes, I know that my school picture, and my team picture from Cross Country are there, but I mean for the Olympics!! I have yet to see the article, but I will hunt it down within the next couple of days!! We also have a bulletin board at our school, and they have the article from when they announced the Youth Olympic Team posted on it.  I have seen and read that article many times, but it was still awesome to see on the wall there!  One of my teachers noticed me reading it and came over and congratulated me.

It really doesn’t feel, well, real!  I have never been to nationals, only Canada Games, so I really don’t understand or can comprehend how big the stage is.  Yes, the Canada Games was pretty huge, but I had so much fun there it just felt almost like a massive party or something, and everyone was just there to have a good time, and not worry about the competition.  Yes, a major part of the week for everyone was the competition, but everyone managed to make the best of their free time, either jamming on the guitars, playing games on Xbox Kinect, or just grab some ice cream in the cafeteria.  And yes, I know it was not supposed to be part of the diet, but we were aloud one LEVEL scoop of moon mist ice cream at the end of the day (LOVE YOU COACHES!).

I miss the Canada Games so much, I wish I could go back!  But there are bigger things awaiting me!

Thanks for reading!


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Posted on: May 11, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Today I was contacted by a man by the name of Danny Lamoureux from the Canadian Curling Association asking if I would keep an official blog about the Youth Olypimcs.  It’s only about one post a month until October when they will be more frequent, at two posts a month, until January.

I am so excited to do this!  I cannot wait until June when I get to write my first post!   However, on the flip side, I am very nervous.  This is a national level blog and right now there is not a whole lot going on with the Junior Olympics, considering it is our off-season, but I am sure I will find something to write about!  If my fingers move like my mouth do, I could be writing for days!

I will post the link to the blog once I get it.  I only found out about six hours ago, so I haven’t exactly gotten the details yet.  I will post it here, and possibly on the Facebook group page (Youth Olympic Canadian Curling Team), as soon as I possibly can.

I will also keep up with this blog, especially coming closer to January and when we leave.  I will probably be updating this blog day by day while I am in Austria, whereas the official blog will only be updated before I leave, and after I get back (as far as I know).

Thank you for all of those who check my blog, and read the posts!  It is awesome logging on and seeing the ‘site stats’ so high on weekend when I am away.  I know it means that everyone at home is following my progress on a national team, and it means a lot to me to get all this support!

I also want to start something new, and hopefully I will be able to do this on my new blog, and that is posting a quote at the end of every post.  Quotes really set in for me, and I use them everywhere I go as a method of self-talk, I guess you could call it.  But, sometimes, it really pushes me that extra few feet of sweeping, or that next kilometer of running.  I hope you will all carry these quotes with you, and remember them.  You really never know when they might pop into your head and push you just a little bit further!!

Good night everyone,


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt


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