Let the Summer Begin!

Posted on: June 6, 2011

Hello everyone,

Well, the weather is just unfortunately not cooperating, but summer is just around the corner!  I cannot believe that I have four days of grade eleven left!  This time next year I will be talking to my new university roommate, picking out courses and studying for my last two high school exams…ever.  Wow.

Today I was contacted by Glenn van Gulik to discuss my official blog, so hopefully that will be up and running very shortly!!  I also was interviewed for a job today for the summer, so hopefully all goes well, fingers crossed!!

I have started my dry land training as well, and it was kind of tough at first.  I had had about a month off of curling, and the odd yoga class every other week wasn’t really holding up my stamina too much.  But now it is getting easier!  I am starting to schedule everything, and once I know what my summer job schedule looks like I can start planning my workouts a lot better! Which will be nice.

Another thing new is that I have started fundraising for Relay for Life.  My first night out and I already have $65!  Tomorrow I plan on going out again, and possibly Wednesday night as well.  Not only is it to support a good cause, I am also getting great excersize walking around to everyones homes.  It has been awhile since I fundraised for something, so it is nice to go out and see people around the neighbourhood.  I am also getting some more congrats on the Olympics, so that is really exciting!  You really start to forget sometimes that Hey, YOUR on team CANADA and your going to AUSTRIA in about eight months.  It’s nice to hear congrats about it every once and a while.

On the topic of traveling, only a few short weeks until I board another plane destined for Auckland, New Zealand.  I will be spending three days in Auckland, for days in Sydney, Australia, and three days in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I am getting so excited for everything!! We got our flight itineraries today, which just makes everything seem so much closer (which I guess it really is!).

I suppose I will leave you with that for tonight.  I have a bit of homework to do so I best get started on that!


Anyone can give up, it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.  But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that’s true strength.


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